Case Study – Publishing and Library Systems

The Challenge

Searching across multiple library systems, filtering across different parameters, listing results in a readable presentation. Bibliographic databases contain all sorts of data and it keeps growing: images, reviews, references, index listings, and tables of contents. The e-book revolution is here. and publishers are reluctant to share the full text of books. So we get lots of pieces to search and help users find what they need. These services serve up recommendations to libraries, teachers, and individuals. They need to be FAST. And allow users to browse the stacks (on the web) as well as sort and save and filter a zillion ways. And they need hosting and a help desk.

The Solution

The PISCES search engine offers a reliable and fast search that supports a wide variety of search options, delighting the fickle needs of literature buffs everywhere. IXN offers hosting solutions (on Unix or Windows) and help desk services to complement technical support.

The Results

The Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) Library Search is a good example. Here are some of the search options in their system: Children's literature, drama, early-childhood education, elementary education, global perspective and political conflicts.