Case Study - Michigan Electronic Grants System (MEGS)

The Challenge

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) was seeking help planning for their Post Millennium Grants Application and Approval System. The mission was to study their needs and develop a detailed project plan that would specify the requirements needed to create an Internet-based (and LAN-based) grants application and approval system to make the MDE grants process easier for all parties involved. Applicant organizations include public school districts, public school academies, universities, non-profit organizations, as well as the MDE managers of the grant programs. MDE needed to articulate the needs of multiple users, account for the differences in multiple constituency groups, and create design specifications that would lead to a robust grants application and approval system, designed to take full advantage of current technology. The Planning Specifications contractor would work as part of a team of MDE staff in order to produce the specifications that will lead to an Invitation to Bid.

The Solution

Worked closely with the Office of Information Technology Services to develop plans (functional, technical and security requirement and work plans), requests for proposals, and processes to assure the quality and timely delivery of the system. The Rational Unified Process (RUP) was followed. Conducted interviews with internal and external users and other stakeholders to define the vision and the scope of the system. Identified the features required and helped to prioritize their importance. Interviewed MDE Management and IT staff. Reviewed existing grant program processes and interviewed current users of MDE grant services (e.g., Intermediate School District staff). A statement of work was developed along with specifications for an ITB. Developed a work plan and budgets to procure, develop, implement, and support the system. Managed the implementation phase of MEGS on behalf of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). Provided statewide training for school district staff and provided help desk support.

The Results

Successful deployment of MEGS. Ongoing management of new system. Grant deployment and maintenance activities. A.J. Boggs delivered: - MEGS Vision Document -Training Materials -MEGS Statements of Work -Help Desk Call resolution