Case Study - Lifedata

The Challenge

The Michigan Information Technology Commission established the goal of making Michigan a world leader in using information technology in ways that better its citizens’ lives. The Commission specified the following criteria: “Provide access to community health information through demographic mapping by behavioral patterns, occupational factors, health status, and disease and encourage growth of high-speed, electronic networks connecting all health care providers, payers, and purchasers that will make possible sharing clinical practices, providing seamless access by providers to patient records, enhancing access to quality care, and reducing costs of business transactions among purchasers, payers, and providers.”

The solution

A team of healthcare professionals and A.J. Boggs have committed to developing, a service that offers high speed/volume data links between member organizations (hospitals, health systems, community based organizations and government agencies). This secure virtual private Internet network also offers remote data entry, centralized processing, and the analysis and dissemination of information and the demographic mapping of community health data.

The Results

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has funded a proof of concept for tracking quality of life assessment instruments. This effort is the foundation upon which the service is building a personal repository for medical records management and clinical information systems (CIS) services.