Case Study - HIV/AIDS Information & Quiz

The Challenge

The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) needed a tool to administer training to a large and geographically disbursed group of HIV/AIDS prevention test administrators. The HIV/AIDS Prevention and Intervention Section (HAPIS) of MDCH wanted a means to provide training to persons who provide HIV testing in areas of the State which have a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS cases.

The Solution

A.J. Boggs & Company implemented a web-based training course in a series of modules that include the law, disease transmission & prevention, and how to deliver test results. A quiz is provided that allows the target audience of HIV/AIDS workers to demonstrate their understanding of the topics. The test results are evaluated by the system and allow HAPIS to set the passing score and to register the names of those that successfully completing the training.

The Result

The HAPIS education and training site has been in use since 2005. Over 116 HIV/AIDS workers in Michigan have taken the course.